Thank You Christopher Schmitt

Kyle Simpson

I met Christopher first when he reached out to me in 2009 to ask me to speak at one of his online jQuery conferences. We fast became friends, and collaborated on many conferences and projects over the next several years, including co-authoring the HTML5 Cookbook. We even competed together (along with Dan Shaw!) on a team in a weekend Node.js hack-a-thon!

A particularly endearing memory for me is SXSW 2011, stuffed in a hotel room with Christopher, Ari Stiles, and Estelle Weyl, way past midnight and up to our knees in pizza boxes. We were trying to fix some major website issue before a talk the next morning. A big fight broke out (mostly between me and Estelle, as I recall) about something political I think. And Christopher, ever the sweet and kind hearted person he was, calmed and defused the argument. Estelle and I are still good friends to this day, and that's probably mostly because of Christopher that night!