Thank You Christopher Schmitt

Lauren Hill

I always enjoyed talking with Chris at Master Pancake shows. He and Ari have been valued members of our little Fancake community for a long time. When Chris started the tradition of bringing prizes to the Master Pancake mystery shows, competition became fierce.

My memory is of winning one of the very early (perhaps the first?) drinking game phrase competitions at the mystery show for A Quiet Place. I don’t remember what I yelled, but I do remember that moment in time because I was yelling with my best friend, Jen. Chris had acquired a hat and a t-shirt from the movie’s promo materials, and I took the hat while Jen took the shirt. It’s a little silly, especially considering we don’t drink, but it’s a moment I’m time that brings me a lot of joy. We won! I never win! Plus the hat is super cozy.

Over time, Chris’ prizes became more and more elaborate, and were often hilarious, like the Christmas show where several of the small gifts were wrapped. The effort, thoughtfulness, and humor of those prizes won’t ever be forgotten.

He made us laugh a lot and he was kind to all of us, always. Thank you, Chris, for all the laughter. We miss you.