Thank You Christopher Schmitt
Kyle Hittle profile shot

Kyle Hittle

I was teaching a Flash course at Miami University in Ohio and desperately wanted to give students a glimpse of the alternative future of the web. Christopher was living in Cincinnati at the time and graciously agreed to make the drive to campus. It was the most valuable content they received that semester.

Whether writing books, writing blog posts, organizing conferences, creating podcasts, or just grabbing a drink to discuss the latest online and offline developments, Christopher always shared his wisdom and helped others. He understood that without teachers and those willing to freely share, we don't make progress.

Having volunteered with Christopher and Ari at many of their conferences, I have so many great memories. A giant balloon octopus, a Mardi Gras parade, having a sculpture of my head made out of chocolate cake, and, of course, all the usual craziness that comes with event production.

Thanks for the friendship and wisdom and the memories, Christopher. Miss you.