Thank You Christopher Schmitt
Trent Walton profile shot

Trent Walton

“Me? Really?! Okay!”

Christopher (and Ari) asked me to speak at CSS Summit in 2012. I remember meeting to do a tech check ahead of time. It was my first time presenting for an online conference (and my second time presenting about the web). I was nervous, but it only took a few seconds into the call for me to realize that I was in good hands. I felt calm and cared for. And when I was done speaking, I felt empowered and thankful.

These feelings persist still. Over the years, I’ve been asked to participate in ~6 events put on by Christopher and Ari. I have the privileged to be a part of the community Christopher was key in creating.

The best aspects of the web design and development community have been made possible by his gentle, selfless leadership. He will be missed dearly.