Thank You Christopher Schmitt
Patrick Fulton profile shot

Patrick Fulton

I first met Christopher in Pittsburgh. He and Ari had come to Pennsylvania to attend one of the High Ed Web conferences at Penn State University. My meetup co-organizer for Refresh Pittsburgh, Jason Head, had asked Christopher to speak at our meetup before heading to that conference.

I didn't get a great chance to talk with Christopher at the meetup, but we did get a chance to chat a little at the High Ed Web conference — which was my first "larger" speaking opportunity — and shortly after that, Christopher and Ari contacted me about speaking at a few of their Environments for Humans online events.

Christopher was such a kind, warm, down-to-Earth human. He and Ari set the standard for how web conferences and events should be organized, and set a very high bar for what I expect from conferences when I attend and speak at them. I'll forever be grateful to Christopher and Ari for helping me to break into conference speaking, and for furthering my career in ways that I'll never be able to express.

Rest easy, Christopher.