Thank You Christopher Schmitt
Ethan Marcotte profile shot

Ethan Marcotte

It’s worth noting that my career would’ve looked very, very different if it hadn’t been for Christopher. He invited me to contribute to one of his books, giving me one of my first writing jobs. He invited me to speak alongside him on some panels he’d curated and, later, at some of the conferences he and Ari organized. He made a space for me, at a time when other folks might not have. And I’ll always, always be grateful to him for it.

Of course, the thing about Christopher is that he treated everyone that way. He and Ari always seemed happiest when they were creating space for others, and making them feel welcome. Heck, some of the voices I admire most in this industry have spoken about the opportunities Christopher gave them—and those opportunities were always, always accompanied by his kindness, his laugh, and his support.

Thank you, Christopher. Thank you for taking a chance on me, and for taking a chance on all of us. We miss you.