Thank You Christopher Schmitt

Danh Hoang

I first met Christopher in the winter of 2012. He had just given a talk on mobile graphics for the web. During his presentation he mentioned a book he wrote and was giving away a copy. Unfortunately, I did not win the drawing so I talked to him afterwards because I wanted to get the title of the book so I could order it later. We started to talk about the mobile web and he said a solid understanding of the mobile was very important for getting a job, for the sake of for interviews. I wrote the title down in my notebook and I told him I look forward to reading it when I get my copy. When I handed the book back he said "You can keep it!" He didn't have to do that, but he did. Little did he know how much of an impact that was for me professionally. I would run into him at conferences after that all around the country. It was always nice to see a familiar face and feel welcomed by him wherever we were. He has a way to making everybody around him comfortable. He was such a joy to chat with, whether it's talking shop or geeking out about comics. I'm never going to forget his generosity and how much he has given to the web community.