Thank You Christopher Schmitt
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Chris Coyier

This is a little tiny moment, but it sticks out in my brain. Not for the importance of it, but for the feel of it.

We were in New Orleans, a city not exactly known for it's chill vibes, for CSS Dev Conf. Conferences aren't chill either. There is all this stress preparing for them for everyone involved. This particular conference, known for traveling to interesting cities already, embraced being in New Orleans. There was a damn Second Line parade for us on evening! A Second Line is where you literally parade the streets of the French Quarter with a brass band behind you.

One night, after all that, I stumbled across Christopher and Ari at a little quiet little restaurant with an outdoor patio. I remember it was enclosed on all sides except to the sky and the walls were old and vine-covered. We just sat there chatting. Chatting about the web. Chatting about what future cities CSS Dev Conf might go to. Chatting about life. It was exceptionally chill, in contrast to everything else happening around us. Just a little moment that always felt special to me, and always will.